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sockeye salmon portions in bulk shares

sockeye salmon portions in bulk shares

Of the five Pacific salmon species, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon have the deepest color and the highest Omega-3 oil content, an essential fatty acid. High in protein and rich in (beneficial) fat, sockeye are also abundant with naturally occurring anti-oxidants. Sockeye salmon, unlike all other salmonidae, are exclusive filter feeders, they consume only microorganisms, particularly, a kind of plankton bountiful in North Pacific waters. This unique diet gives the brilliant color and firm flesh that makes sockeye so very special. This sockeye from Lake Iliamna is unique for their size (slightly larger than the salmon of neighboring regions); for their aroma (delicately sweet with a hint of minerals); and for their deep, crimson-colored flesh. This beautiful fine-grain salmon has been de-boned, hand cut and cryovac frozen.


It is available in whole filets (1.25 lbs +/- each) or individual portions (8 oz +/-), and since it is sushi grade, it can be enjoyed either raw, smoked, cured or cooked. This amazingly delicious salmon was packaged especially for Pound Ridge Organics and will be delivered to us this week by the very fisherman who caught and prepared them. It’s a privilege to be able to offer you this truly special fish.


prices are determined by weight:


  • whole sockeye filet will range from $38-$57 each
  • individual sockeye portions will range from $14-$24 each


bulk sockeye salmon portions are also available at a price savings as follows:


  • small share $188 (approx 8-10 portions)
  • medium share $368 (approx 16-20 portions)


payment info: balance to be paid upon pick up • in an effort to keep overhead low, balances should be paid with any of the following forms of payment: cash, local check or zelle.

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