join the pound ridge organics winter c.s.a.
december 24, 2021 through march 18, 2022

why join the pound ridge organics winter c.s.a.?

we all have enough stress and uncertainty in our lives right now without having to worry about where and how to find fresh wholesome authentically local organic food • pound ridge organics is here to help you with our legendary C.S.A. to nourish you from the first day of winter through the last • our C.S.A. members will receive a weekly basket filled with meticulously curated, freshly harvested, local organic produce and even occasionally some very special surprises and gifts • to learn more about the history and concept behind C.S.A.s click -> here.

what makes the pound ridge organics winter c.s.a. so special?


we offer an authentic *geo-local C.S.A. containing organic produce from our farm, and other farms in our immediate area (westchester, the hudson valley and connecticut) • each ingredient is filled with texture, color and flavor -- we're talking real food from soil that is rich with life, nutrients and the 'terroir' of our local region • our produce is freshly harvested and ethically produced, which means our farmers, producers, drivers, (and anyone along the food-chain) are paid a living wage and treated with high regard • we don't just focus on the quantity and quality of the ingredients, but make sure that our C.S.A. members have an enjoyable experience each and every week • and we promise - if we put rutabagas in your basket, we'll also include a recipe, in fact we send recipes every single week to share different and inspiring ways to use the ingredients in your baskets • our C.S.Ais worry-free, convenient, fun, educational and truly scrumptious!

*back to that "geo-local" piece - while it would be lovely to give you avocados, oranges, kiwis, and coconuts in your winter C.S.A. basket -- it's just not going to happen here • our food is strictly local (as-in 100 miles or closer), not from pennsylvania, florida or mexico • we may include some of our private label preserved foods from the summer harvest or some special spices, coffees or other surprise ingredients from donna's farmer friends far away places from... but our C.S.A. produce is strictly local.

what is available in the northeast in the winter?

root vegetables from the 'black dirt' region of new york: 

garlic • red and yellow onions • multicolor carrots • parsnips • green or purple kohlrabi • multicolor beets • multi-color potatoes • sweet potatoes & yams • heirloom turnips • assorted radishes • celeriac and (you guessed it) RuTaBaGa!!!


'greens' and the rest of the rainbow:

spinach • assorted kale • swiss chard • bok choi • napa • tat-soi • mizuna • green and purple cabbage • collard greens • mustard greens • lettuce & salad mix • pea shoots • micro-greens • fresh herbs • assorted squash & pumpkins • exotic mushrooms • broccoli • cauliflower • *apples • frozen cherries • dehydrated currants • heirloom blueberry powder 

*our local apples and cherries are eco-certified or I.P.M. since their organic counterparts are unavailable.

grains, beans, and more 

assorted dried beans • local grains • pastas • ferments • locally roasted coffee • salts & spice blends • sauces • salsas • condiments

special surprise ingredients

we may put some very special products in your baskets from time to time this winter • this may include homemade specialty products that we've produced or even tastings of new products that we're considering for the market • how fun is that?

more details about our winter c.s.a.


distribution of C.S.A. baskets will run from the beginning of the winter (2021) to the end (2022) specifically from december 24th, 2021 through march 18th, 2022



pick up of C.S.A. baskets will be each weekend during specific market hours • a sign-up schedule is sent each week to our C.S.Amembership so we avoid bottle-necks in the market • inclement weather or other unexpected issues may occasionally require us to adjust our pick ups - so please be watch your in-box for schedule changes.


C.S.A. members can shop in the market for additional produce, dairy, meat, fish, desserts, kitchen staples, dry-goods, and gift items while picking up their C.S.Ashare

out of town or no-shows:

if you are going out of town, you may gift your share to a friend, or allow us to donate it on your behalf • if you don't show up to pick up your basket, we will donate your basket to someone in need.


a standard winter C.S.Ashare (aka 'small' or 'half'): is appropriate for a single, senior or couple


a large winter C.S.Ashare: is appropriate for a family of four omnivores or two vegetarians


those who sign up after the start of the season will be offered a discounted prorated cost based upon the remaining weeks of the C.S.A

payment in full:

to sign up for a winter C.S.A. subscription, fill out the registration form below and we will contact you with the prorated price, which you would need to pay in full for your registration to be confirmed

to pay by check: make payable to "pound ridge organics" - be sure the name on the check matches the registration name (to avoid confusion) • you can bring the check to the market during weekend business hours or mail to:

pound ridge organics

22 westchester avenue

pound ridge, new york 10576

to pay by zelle: there's no need to use to a 'zelle' app - simply go to your own online banking (on a computer or mobile phone) and search for 'zelle' • where it indicates 'send money' enter the following:



my name for verification: donna simons

any additional questions:

email donna by clicking --> here

register for an autumn c.s.a. share

we've received your registration form

thank you!


please bring or mail a check or send payment via zelle at your earliest convenience to secure your spot in our c.s.a.


we look forward to feeding you

-- donna & the p.r.o. team