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pound ridge irganics is an organic farm, farmers market, CoOp, and teaching kitchen located in pound ridge, NY. our mission is to bring local, affordable, wholesome products to our community all year-round,  while supporting local farmers and other small businesses that follow our high standards for ethically and sustainably produced food.

featured in the market this week

local apple cider buttermilk napa cabbage  green cabbage  beet, turnip & carrot bunches  kale  mushrooms  pea shoots  lions maine  onions  radishes  squash & pumpkin  potatoes  garlic  fresh herbs  arugula  spinach  grass-fed beef burgers pork chops & bacon  pork, lamb & chicken sausages  humanely-raised veal  elk  buffalo/bison  venison  duck bacon  charcuterie a-2 milk  fresh organic heritage-breed chicken  fish  eggs  organic cupcakes  home-made lattice-top fruit pies  cookies  banana, pumpkin, apple & cranberry breads fruit squares  local raw wildflower honey  artisanal local cheeses home-made challah  sourdough breads  eco-friendly products  books, gift items & more . . .

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